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New Technological breakthrough in Auto Gas Conversions. 3rd Generation Conversion Kit


::: Why Auto Gas    

Almost all unleaded petrol-fuelled vehicles can be converted to LPG Autogas at a reasonable cost. Systems range in price from about Rs 67000 installed,depending on the type of vehicle, type of system and options.   More Details >>

The much lower cost of Autogas compared to unleaded petrol (typically half the price or less) means the cost of conversion is quickly paid back.

Running your engine on Autogas is beneficial to your car. LPG is a cleaner burning fuel than petrol, so engine life is actually extended. Engine oil and spark plugs need changing less often when running on Autogas, so service intervals can be increased.

Dual-fuel Autogas systems allow the vehicle to operate on either LPG or unleaded petrol. The petrol tank still remains in the car and the driver can switch from gas to petrol or vice-versa.


::: Auto Gas Conversions    

Auto Gas Conversion Industry in Sri Lanka was initiated with the hard and long time efforts made by the promoters of LAUGFS, who are the active Directors of GAL from the inception stage.

The first motor vehicle to run with LPG on dual fuel basis (International Standard) in Sri Lanka was converted and fixed by GAL technicians in 1994. In year 1995 as pioneers of Auto LPG concept GAL has converted 20,000 motor vehicles to duel fuel system to the automobile industry in Sri Lanka.

Therefore LAUGFS still maintain it's market leadership in both Autogas conversion sector and managed the biggest and the most expanded Autogas retailing network.

Conversion activities are carried out at four different locations in well equipped workshops with highly trained technical staff.

Over 25 countries world wide adopted to the use of LPG as economical and environment friendly alternative fuel, LAUGFS collaborates with MTM of Italy who manufacture conversion kits and market under the trade name of BRC.

The conversion kits comes with a 10 year warranty on the LP gas tank and a 12 months warranty on the other equipment.
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