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In 1995 LAUGFS pioneered into the energy sector through LAUGFS Gas Auto Lanka. Exploring the relatively new concept of gas auto conversions and inspired by its environmental friendly track record in emissions, we set out to infuse into the Sri Lankan marketplaces a cheaper and more environmentally sound approach to automotive energy. Strengthened by the assurance of a decreased import bill to the Nation and a halving in cost to the customer, a conversion plant was set-up. Adopting processes and technical know-how that are not only fail safe but of the highest quality, we have over the years continued to install conversion kits from BRC of Italy -a veritable giant in the gas auto conversion accessory business. We have, to date, a staff strength of 130 highly skilled professionals and sixteen LPG fuel retailing stations around the country and hold a 85% market share in auto gas retailing.
No:14, R.A. Mel Mw, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.
Tel : 0094 11 5566222 Fax : 0094 11 5577824 e-mail : info@laugfs.lk
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