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New Technological breakthrough in Auto Gas Conversions. 3rd Generation Conversion Kit

The multipoint sequential system constitutes the peak of the current technology in the field of the gaseous injection for running engines at a controlled ignition.
This system meets the technological requirements of the current and future generations of vehicles, not only as to the mandatory emission standards, but also as to the diagnostic and the integration with the original system, according to the provisions of the modern norms on the EOBD

The control of the fuel-air mixer titer is assured by the original petrol ECU while running on gas too; the gaseous injection system is only aimed at turning the control sent from the petrol ECU to the injectors into an equivalent control to the gas injectors. the whole diagnostic performed by the petrol ECU is this way preserved and kept on working while running on gas too assuring the OBD compatibility.

The petrol injection times-gas injection times translation is carried out trough predictive algorithms enabling the gas injection in every cylinder during the petrol injection on the corresponding injector.

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