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The flagship brand, LAUGFS Super, caters to a wider range of shopper needs with a broad range of products and services under one roof with spacious outlets. With extended floor space and vibrant ambience, the outlets will offer a wide variety of goods ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to meats, seafood, dairy products and more. The stores also feature pharmacies as well as utility bill payment facilities for the convenience of shoppers, LAUGFS SuperMart takes the form of smaller convenience stores offering daily essentials, ranging from groceries to fresh and frozen food, and caters to the daily top-up shopping needs of customers with busy lifestyles. Located in residential neighborhoods and city centres, LAUGFS SuperMarts will have a broader network of outlets ensuring a quick ‘in and out’ shopping experience for the convenience of shoppers.
With outlets spread across the country, LAUGFS Supermarkets cater to thousands of customers daily. Having pioneered the 24-Hour supermarket retail concept in Sri Lanka, LAUGFS also introduced the concept of establishing fuel retail outlets alongside convenience stores in the country.

LAUGFS Supermarkets has been tagged as the "Super that never sleeps". Justifiably living up to its title, LAUGFS Supermarket was the first to introduce the 24 hour retail concept to Sri Lanka. We are also the first convenience store to jointly operate with a fuel retail outlet and the first to introduce a 24 hour pharmacy, which gives us the cutting edge in the business in catering to the emerging needs of the modern lifestyle of our valuable customers who are always loyal to convenience.

Operating since February 2001, LAUGFS Super markets revamped the brand as LAUGFS Super with the reopening of the flagship 24 hour outlet LAUGFS Super Rajagiriya on 16th Sep 2017 offering a unique shopping experience to the customers. Crimson Bakery is one of the key specialties in our new concept LAUGFS Super outlets, which carries an exciting range of breads, sweets and all kinds of high quality bakery products at highly affordable prices. Salad Bar, the most sought after range of imported wines and fresh produce range, and sincere service are our other unique selling points.

All our new outlets will be in the new shape of LAUGFS Super and total current chain of outlets will be upgraded and revamped according to the new LAUGFS Super concept in the future to offer a superior service and a novel shopping experience.

Our chain has a proud reputation for the most diverse and the largest product range in terms of SKUs, Our main concern is, as it should be, our customer. We target not only the individual retail customer but also bulk sales as in general trade. Our chain of outlets currently serves over 750,000 regular customers every month and our plans are aggressively ambitious.